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November 23, 2014

I’m so sorry for the lack of posts recently. But today I’m going to tell you about two of my bigger projects taking place right now, one explaining the abscence of updates lately, the other stating why there surely will be more posts in the future.

Well I’m pretty sure that you already know that I’ve been busy working on my university duties, since I didn’t make an effort of hiding that information. Ever. But still, the main reason I didn’t post that much was my new job. Yes, despite my intentions of focusing on my studies only, I got a job. But it’s nothing like the previous things I’ve done, because I pretty much get to do what I love: writing. It’s a weekly column for a swiss online-portal, where I talk about fashion and trends (you can check it out here). You can imagine how psyched I was when I got offered the job. But it just pretty much took away the time I normally used creating content and writing new posts for wanderpride, with all the research it demands. I mean, it maybe looks like something you could manage to write in an hour, but there’s definitely more work involved than that. Luckily, the second project I wanna tell you about could be the solution for this personal dilemma. Some of you surely know that I’ve been a vegan for almost two years now, after eating only vegetarian food since my childhood. I’ve never been a person to wear real fur, but there surely are parts of my shoes that are made out of leather and some coats containing wool. I used to think that wool for example wasn’t that bad because the sheep would have to be sheared anyway. I know better now. When I was looking for vegan fashionblogs online, I was shocked how few  good ones there are and how many of them could actually give you the vibe that there isn’t a fashionable way to wear animal-free clothes. So I’ll probably try to take up that task in the future.

Looking forward to it!

Photos by C

Edit: it was suggested that I link some sites if someone wants to learn more about the whole vegan thing and why I do it, so there you go: what vegan means and this speech by Gary Yourofsky (which gives you a pretty good insight on the whole farming-industry)

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Pants: MONKI | Coat: ZARA TRF | Sweater: MANGO | Shoes: VAGABOND | Bag: SAMUDRA

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