December 27, 2014

I got to portrait the wonderful Jeremy Nedd in the botanical garden in Basel this week. He’s a free dancer and choreographer by profession. Born and raised in New York, he decided to take a big step by moving to Europe some years ago. Currently he’s playing in a production for the theater in Basel and is working on some projects of his own based on movement, sound and set design, while also being a DJ in his spare time. I really enjoyed listening to his storys and exploring the beautiful botanical garden with him. The light was gorgeous and I probably could have taken a hundred more pictures. I hope you enjoy the ones I edited until now.

Also I wish you a wonderful rest of the weekend, I’ll probably spend it taking pictures of the area around Scuol, where I arrived yesterday. Already seen most of my old friends and enjoyed a night full of dancing and catching up. The first snow fell in the early morning, so everything looks very charming and christmassy around here, so I’m planning on going on a little stroll through the village with my baby (yes, my camera) tomorrow.

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