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Cherry Blossom

May 6, 2015

I had the best time lingering under those beautiful cherry trees with my friend last Saturday. We couldn’t stop taking pictures and screaming like little children because…I mean…just look at those blossoms! How could anyone not completely fall in love with such beauty. It was lucky we came by those trees that day, because just two days later, the blossoms started to fall. I’ve always loved looking at those japanese cherry trees on my instagram feed and am very happy to fill mine with some of them aswell now. Also, I was happy to carry out my newest purchase, a turquois backpack with cat print from a lable called Jiab, which is based in Berlin. I recovered them on the famous Mauerpark-fleamarket, after a friend of mine purchased one of their bags on a small haul back in December. I immediately fell in love with their new, colourful collection and illustrations. So much actually, that I not only purchased the backpack, but also an elegant shoulder bag with the exact same print in a bright mustard. I guess I just see our families own siamese cat in that print and since I’m not visiting Switzerland for another 3 months, I might aswell just carry the Illus(trat)ion of them around with me.

Oh by the way, in one picture you can spot my new fake septum I received as a gift just some weeks ago!


Photos by Annika Krueger

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Pants: ACNE | Blouse: TOPSHOP | Sneakers: NIKE | Necklace: ZARA | Sweater: URBAN OUTFITTERS | Backpack: JIAB

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