Apartment Tour

June 14, 2015


I finally got around to taking some more photos of my apartment, since I dedicated a post to it several months ago, stating there soon would be more to come.

To be honest, there’s not so much more to see now than there was back then. At least, not that obviously. Because for the pictures I took last time, I chose the corners that were already pretty much put together and left the empty spaces unphotographed. But now, finally all corners and walls are occupied by something. I found a simple wooden dining table (though I sometimes still prefer to eat on the couch or in bed), a black coffee table and a big shelf where I can store my many vegan cookbooks and my thousand different kinds of muesli. Not forgetting to mention that I finally got around to hanging most of the picture frames and some extra shelves on the wall. One other thing that I’m pretty happy about is the fact that there are now not only 2 or 3, but 8 plants living with me in my two rooms. Though I had to change the three flowery ones of them just last week. I’m apparently more of a green-plant-kind-of-girl, because they are much easier to keep alive…and of course I just love the vivid green with the rest of my decor.

Hope you enjoy the little tour.




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